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Hire a website team for all your needs.

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We have created Website Packages, SMM plans, and SEO Deals for medium and large businesses.
Website packages are the new ALL IN ONE approach for custom website design and a fully optimized website.  A truly professional web team will seek to understand your business and it’s unique needs.

Only by doing this will they be able to effectively craft a website and online experience which provides optimal value to your customers and increases the profitability of your business. We create websites from scratch, but we also host and maintain them to ensure top performance, as well as promote your business through new global channels and safe web portals.

What makes us different!

We create websites from scratch, but we also host and maintain them to ensure top performance for all browsers and devices. All your needs in one place, with only one payment every year!

Quality is our first priority. Check please the real samples from our work.

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  • Killer features for all packages.

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What we do!

We work with a number of clients globally on a regular basis. Our team brings the expertise needed to execute your project with a result that delights your customers and lifts your profitability.

Everyone wants to save money, especially in this economy, and anything custom is expensive for everyone, especially the client. Our new website packages take many time-consuming tasks out of the equation, dropping your costs and your pricing. At SATAweb, we’ve been able to cut our pricing by around 30-40%, resulting in more clients and more revenue. Read more

A subset of a brand is the brand identity (also called corporate identity or identity system). The key word is identity. Just like with people, checking an ID proves you’re you and not somebody else. The tangible elements you can see when a company communicates with you comprise its identity design:

Logo, colors, fonts, icons, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, websites, packaging, uniforms, office aesthetics, promotional swag, social media, email blasts, signage, messaging.

By 2022, it is expected that the spending in search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) will increase 1 to $245.49 billion. According to the website State of Inbound 2, 66% of marketers claim that improving SEO and increasing their organic presence in search results is their top inbound marketing priority. However, 72% of them also reveal that their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. SEO Packages

SMM’s potential is vast. In terms of goals or outcomes, it’s not limited in what it can accomplish for your brand in the slightest. In other words – if you can think of a goal to accomplish on social media, there’s a way to use paid SMM to reach it.

Whether you want to…

  • increase your overall audience by securing likes or followers
  • increase the number of people who are seeing and engaging with your brand
  • drive more referral traffic to your website
  • make more direct sales

… there’s a paid SMM campaign option right for you. SMM Packages

Our easy to use and super simple system of website maintenance and updating is hassle free and easy to set up. Our services are flexible and we can set this up however you want. Please call our representative for more details and start keeping your website up to date. Check our new Website design packages

Videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. And SATAweb team has made it sure that video works well regardless of the category in which you deploy it. Video marketing, products and plans…


Unique & custom design
Killer features for all packages


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