The creative cooperation among the members of this team with countries like U.S.A., Greece, England, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, and India. LTD, become one of the most rapidly and dynamically developing companies in Europe in the sector of Internet services, and more specifically on web design.

This ongoing development set the foundation enabling the company to reach its primary goal. Provide integrated web applications and services marked out for their hi-standard, well design and structure. Of course, no one else can advertise the quality of our work better than our own projects. That manages to combine hi-quality, efficiency and functionality. Of course, our clients always have the last word.

  • ENGLAND      UK

Liam Kirkwood – Studies: Graduated from Latimer Community Arts College GCSE.       Liam-Kirkwood
Skills: SEO Consultant & Copy Editor, JavaScript skills, Web Development, Mobile Application Development.

Paul Rush – Studies: Graduated from Kingston University, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), London – UK.         Paul-Rush
Skills: SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing, Google Ad-words CAMPAIGNS, Website Development and PHP Programming.

Sarah Guskovit – Studies: Graduated from Central South Forestry University, Bachelor’s degree (BA).        Sarah-Guskovit
Skills: Internet Technology & E-Marketing Consulting, Multimedia applications, and database base development.

  • USA      USA

Stewart Groomsman – Studies: Graduated from Golden Gate University of San Francisco, California.        Stewart-Groomsman
Skills: Skills: Website Programming, MySQL, C#, ASP .NET, C++ / C, SQL, PHP.

Sarah Barnes – Studies: Graduated from Berkeley College in New York City.      Sarah-Barnes
Skills: animation artists, 3-D illustrators, digital artists, FX artists, video post-production artists.

Elena Ivanova – Studies: Graduated from Briarcliffe College in New York City.       Elena-Ivanova
Skills: Animation artists, 3-D illustrators, digital artists, FX artists, video post-production artists.


Elias Prevenas – Studies: Graduated from Kingston University – (MBA) Master of Business Administration.          Elias-Prevenas
Skills: SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing, Strategic Information Systems Management, Website Development and Programming.

Chris Andreikos – Studies: He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science & an M.Sc in Information Systems.       Chris-Andreikos
Skills: Software Design & Development, Business Intelligence, Information Systems Management, IT & E-Marketing Consulting.

  • CHINA      CHINA

Toshiaki Zhiophy – Studies: Freelancer web developer and e-business Consultant.        Toshiaki-Zhiophy
Skills: SEO, SEM and PPC, Google Adwords, Social networking marketing, EDM, QQ, Weibo, Weixin, articles, press release.

Huang  Wang – Studies: Graduated from Central South Forestry University, Bachelor’s degree (BA).        Huang-Wang
Skills: Ecommerce, Website Development, Website Programming, MySQL, C#, ASP .NET, C++ / C, SQL.

Liu Hiakiotaki– Studies: Graduated from Digital Media College of Arts in Shanghai of China.         Liu-Hiakiotaki
Skills: PHP, Website Design, Website Development, MySQL, Website Programming, E-commerce Website, ASP. NET.


Thomas Rosen – Studies: Graduated from Federation University, Bachelor of Information Technology.        Thomas-Rosen
Skills: Expert in C, C++ & Java (6 years), Perl and web scraping (4 years), Experienced in Dynamic Programming.


Katherine Feo – Studies: Graduated from International Academy of Design & Technology of Toronto.       Katherine-Feo
Skills: SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Building, Virtual Assistant, Traffic Generation.


Maxdev – Studies: Graduated from American Intercontinental University in London.       Maxdev
Skills: Software engineering, Interactive data visualization, Interaction design, Games design.

  • INDIA      INDIA

Fatima Womack – Studies: Graduated from Xavier Labour Research Institute, Jharkhand in India.  (MBA).        Fatima-Womack
Skills: Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Consulting & IT Staff Augmentation.

Swapan Abdul – Studies: Graduated from Shirdi Sai Engineering College, Bangalore, India.  (BA).        Swapan-Abdul
Skills: 10-years experience in SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing, Link Building, Virtual Traffic Generation.

Subha Kumar– Studies: Graduated from Digital Media College of Arts in Chennai, in India.        Subha-Kumar
Skills: Graphics designer, photography, Social media marketing, and production layout.